How some other folks are doing

One this page are some very unique old time photo setups, done
by true entrepeneurs.

I also include pics of what I think are some really great ideas, for backdrops,etc.

These are shared with gratitude for those that created great ideas for old time photo


this is one of the first old time photo booths setups
probably from the early 1970s.

It does not cost a fortune to set up in this business.  One great easy
way to get your saloon background is to use an OLD WATERBED HEADBOARD!!
Put whiskey bottles on it, go to Lowe's and purchase an unfinished kitchen
cabinet as the base!! (sometimes they have some slightly damaged, or
marked down!)
    Other easy way is to use a muslin backdrop, see the above page for ideas!


                                                                           Carla did this for about 20+ yrs. Retired1           Debbie in Texas



authentic saloon pic                                                                        These are all simple muslin backdrops you can buy on eBay!

                                                                   This is not old time photo but
                                       I put it to show how you can
                                       make a mobile studio and decorate
                                        the outside!