The introduction to my view

An Introduction

Carol.  I am honest.  I am hardworking.  I am determined.

Affirmations are one of the strongest ways to retrain your brain for greatness.  Negativity arises multiple times on a daily basis.  Getting inside your own head and working it just like another muscle in your body is the way to change your mind.

I didn’t build Carol E. Realty up to the empire it is in just a day.  It took time.  The process took effort.

Remember the reason I have opinions is because I can.  The reason I can is because of my real estate portfolio.  Realize this now… being rich is the key to life.  When you’re rich certain things don’t matter.

The things that don’t matter to me are:

  • Being politically correct (just see my terms of service)
  • Social norms (I park EXACTLY where I want)
  • The environment…  (it’s someone else’s problem)

Question for you:

If you could… what would you NOT care about anymore?

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